Gingerbread narrowboat decorated with colourful sweets, with water and real narrowboats in the background.

Last Christmas, we challenged Maggie’s mum and sister to a gingerbread-themed showdown.

They had to make a gingerbread house (and it had to be vegan, as they live a plant-based lifestyle), and we would make a gingerbread narrowboat – because why not!

We asked our YouTube viewers to vote on which they thought was the winner, and of course, the fabulous Narrowboat SugarRush won! If you want watch the fun, click here to see the video.

Some of you wanted to make your own gingerbread narrowboat, so here is the template and instructions for making it. Have fun!

Step 1

Download and print off the template above. Print it on A4 size paper and cut the template out.

Step 2

Make your gingerbread dough (use your favourite gingerbread recipe, or use ours if you don’t have one). Flatten the dough out onto a tray and keep it about 1.5-2cm (half to three-quarters of an inch) thick.

Step 3

Cook the dough and then while it is still warm, use the base template to cut out 2 base pieces. Cut out 3 of the side/roof pieces.

Step 4

Let the cut gingerbread cool, then using icing, stick the two base pieces together on top of each other to form the deep hull of the boat.

Using two of the side/roof pieces, ice them together on the long, flat sides to form the cabin of the boat. Stick the cabin to the hull using more icing, making sure to place it so the long, cut edges are face-down on the base and the other long, cut edges are facing up.

Finish the boat off by placing the final side/roof piece flat on top of the cabin pieces and icing it in place.

Step 5

Let the icing set, then decorate the boat however you like!


If the steps were a bit tricky to understand, watch the video where we built our gingerbread narrowboat to see how we did it.

This template would probably work just as well for other cake types as it is a fairly solid construction. Let us know if you try it!