Narrowboat Chef’s Tiller Treats Cookbook

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Delectable treats collected from your favourite BoatTubers!
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Find your next favourite recipe in this collaboration with some of the other narrowboat YouTubers, affectionately known as the "BoatTubers."

The Tiller Treats Cookbook is one of our favourite cookbook projects so far because we were so fortunate to work with several of the other narrowboat vloggers. They were generous enough to share their favourite cruising snacks for this cookbook. We've since realised that we aren't the only "masters of the galley" on the canals! They have shared some truly mouth-watering delights!

The Tiller Treats Cookbook has a theme of recipes that are relatively easy to eat while cruising along at the tiller of a narrowboat – but we're pretty confident that all the recipes will taste just as good no matter where you're eating them, so don't fret if you don't have your own tiller handy!

With the crazy inflation and cost of living crisis we're currently going through, we have decided to go with the 'pay what you can' option that we did when the Lockdown Legacy Cookbook was released, with a £1 minimum that helps with the cost of setting up and maintaining the site. We've set the RRP at £5, but given you control over how much you pay – if £1 is all you can afford, that’s perfectly okay. If you’re able to and want to support us, you have the option to pay a little more.

If you are looking for simple, tasty meals that are perfect for days at the tiller (or for taking to work, on a picnic, to school, or in your own house), this cookbook is perfect. It contains 25 recipes, including exclusive recipes from some of your favourite BoatTubers! And of course, we've not forgotten the mouth-watering pictures with a scattering of stunning canal scenes.

This is a digital, downloadable PDF cookbook (download size: 33MB). No "hard copies" will be produced, another reason why we're able to keep the cost to you so low.


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