Okay, so at the end of our last post we were effectively left up the creek without a paddle (or rather, on dry land with no narrowboat dream in sight) after having our finance application rejected outright by the bank.

All because of that non-existent credit score. The Quest is in peril! With no finance, how will we get our narrowboat?

Well, I am incredibly lucky to have generous (and probably insane) parents who have offered to take out a loan in their name back in Australia.

Don’t get me wrong, Ryan and I will still be the ones paying it off, it’s just in their name. Sort of like a guarantor loan, I suppose, but we aren’t named. We’re putting things in place to protect them as well – we’ll be signing an agreement that covers the terms of the loan and we’ll also be working our butts off to pay it out as fast as possible.

Oh, and they expect the opportunity to take the boat for a spin when they visit the UK for holidays – they’re as enamoured with narrowboat life and the beautiful canalside scenery as we are.

I know how fortunate I am to have parents who are able, and willing, to do this for us. If not for them, our Narrowboat Quest could drag on for a decade while we wait for our credit rating to improve, or alternatively save enough to buy the boat outright (and that last option could quite possibly extend the Quest for aeons). Not everyone has parents who can do this sort of thing for them.

So, the Quest is saved! The narrowboat dreams are back on track.

And not a moment too soon…

It turns out there is a very strong contender on the waters, vying for the opportunity to be the sought-after dream narrowboat.

We have had a viewing (in the snow, it was freezing!) and it ticks a LOT of boxes. For example, it has a dragon on it. Essential, obviously – what quest doesn’t involve a dragon?

It’s the right length.

It has the desirable reverse layout.

The all important “make-it-move” thing is a Beta Marine engine, which was at the top of the list of engine models.

It’s blue (mostly).

It has a solid fuel stove.

Cassette loo (gross, but practical).

Cruiser-style stern, so plenty of space for socialising while cruising.

And as an added bonus, it’s not even that old!

Could she be “The One”? Has our Quest come to an end before it’s even barely begun?

I guess the next few weeks will tell…