Narrowboat Chef

We are Maggie, Ryan and Pixel the fox terrier. Since 2018, we’ve been cruising the canals of the UK in our 60′ narrowboat, Andrea Rose.

The idea of sharing our floating adventure and combining that with our cooking experience as qualified chefs led to the creation of our YouTube channel, Narrowboat Chef.

Maggie, Ryan and Pixel the fox terrier standing on the canal towpath with their narrowboat behind them.
Maggie, Ryan and Pixel the fox terrier standing on the towpath with their canal boat behind them
Pixel the fox terrier looking happy with pikelets, whipped cream and mixed berries in the foreground and a lock in the background

If you love travel, food, laughs, and the cutest dog that ever lived on a boat (we might be biased), come and join the adventure – we have a free cookbook waiting for you!

Narrowboat Chef YouTube Channel

The Vlog

Be a part of the adventure we’ve been sharing with thousands of wonderful people on YouTube.

Narrowboat Chef Cookbooks

Our Cookbooks

Cook your own delicious meals with these tried and tested recipes, all with beautiful food and canal photography.

Narrowboat Chef's free recipes

Free Recipes

Some of our recipes are available for free here on our website. Find a new favourite to add to your repertoire!

New From Narrowboat Chef

Narrowboat Chef's Tiller Treats Cookbook cover

New From Narrowboat Chef

Our latest cookbook is The Tiller Treats Cookbook. The recipes in this cookbook are themed around snacks and meals that are easy to eat while cruising along at the tiller of a narrowboat.

However, even if you don’t have a tiller, we’re fairly certain the recipes taste just as good no matter where you’re eating them!

This is one of our favourite cookbooks so far because we collaborated with some of the other narrowboat YouTubers (fondly known as BoatTubers), who generously shared their favourite treats to eat at the tiller. We apparently aren’t the only “masters of the galley” with the mouth-watering recipes these wonderful people have shared!