Narrowboat Chef’s 2020 Lockdown Legacy Cookbook

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Simple, delicious recipes that won’t break the budget.
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What a year it has been so far... So many of us have been impacted by the rise of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in the early part of this year. Enforced isolation and restrictions on movement, combined with panic-buying, led to difficulties in accessing food and grocery items.

For us aboard narrowboat Andrea Rose, we were forced to rethink recipes; how to make meals with a limited pantry and how to make our money stretch further. It also got us thinking about how we could help others who were also having a tough time of it, those who have lost jobs or had their income reduced, those who need to limit their trips to the store to lessen the chance of picking up the infection. Out of this, The 2020 Lockdown Legacy Cookbook was created.

We started writing the lockdown cookbook during the enforced isolation. Our focus was on how to create meals that used inexpensive, long-lasting and readily available ingredients – while still keeping the recipes simple and delicious.

The pandemic lockdown affected us all in some way, and we know that many people are still struggling with the after-effects. Our hope is that this cookbook, created with the intention of sharing easy-to-make, affordable meals, will help those who are looking for ways to stretch their limited funds or work with their limited pantry options. It also gives you a glimpse into what sort of meals are possible to create when living on a narrowboat. 🙂

It's thanks to the support from our wonderful Patreons that we were able to purchase the ingredients to test out these recipes and keep the wolf from the door during lockdown. Normally, Ryan would have taken on some paid work at one of the local restaurants but that wasn't an option this year. We want to pay forward their generosity and are giving you the opportunity to access the cookbook for as low as £1.

After a lot of thought, we decided to go with the 'pay what you can' option with a £1 minimum that helps with the cost of setting up and maintaining the site. We've set the RRP at £5, but given you control over how much you pay – if £1 is all you can afford, that’s perfectly okay. If you’re able to and want to support us by choosing to pay a little more, your generosity pays it forward for those who are having it tough and those living week to week.

If you are looking for simple, tasty meals made with inexpensive ingredients, this cookbook might be just what you need. The cookbook contains 22 of our favourite affordable recipes, with mouth-watering pictures!

This is a digital, downloadable PDF cookbook (download size: 23MB). No "hard copies" will be produced, another reason why we're able to keep the cost to you so low.

5 reviews for Narrowboat Chef’s 2020 Lockdown Legacy Cookbook

  1. Keith (verified owner)

    Very nice cookbook. Everything is very well explained. I really like the fact that the recipes don’t call for expensive ingredients.

  2. Bob (verified owner)

    This is a great set of recipes that anyone can follow. We’re all spending more time at home in 2020, whether your home is on the canal or on land, and making these recipes will make the lockdowns a little bit more enjoyable and more delicious. It’s a great book and a terrific value – download and enjoy!

  3. Misty

    Just love everything in this book. Hubby and I have tried everything in it. Need more

  4. Rhonda and Tim (verified owner)

    Fabulous book. The narrowboat chefs have taught me a lot about cooking. I can’t wait to see more MasterClass vlogs and the next cookbook. I hope Pickles got to try some of the recipes.

  5. Maggie Crandall

    I’ve made multiple recipes that Narrowboat Chef’s have presented, and I’ve always found their recipes to be extremely tasty, very easy and convenient ingredient wise! I highly recommend their cook book and their vlog! Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase and download this FABULOUS cookbook! Way to go, and thanks for producing the cookbook Ryan & Maggie!

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